How on earth does anyone watch fox news and think it's unbiased? Been watching it with folks and every anchor that's come on runs the trump party line, before bringing on talking heads to misrepresent the opposing arguments then summarily dismissing them. I watched a whole segment on the protests and the only clips showed were looting. No wonder old conservatives don't understand what the protests are are about.

@mosttoast I've been learning a lot lately about the sheer amount of things Fox viewers literally do not know about at all.

@rmsugarcandy @mosttoast that's obvious from online conversations with a few people I went to high school with... Someone should make a list of everything corporate media gets wrong... But that documentation project would occupy your entire life if you made a list that long, lol...

@ailurocrat @rmsugarcandy i mean, i've known it for years as this running joke, but it's been a while since i've intentionally watched it. It's malicious. I feel like the pretense is gone.

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