Okay, so i like the look of and i've learned how to build from source and how to use git so i can download . it took me a few hours because i am not a programmer and these are all new concepts to me.

I have been wanting to make an barebones online cookbook for myself for a while and I think gemini would be perfect for it. I just have no idea how i'm supposed to start a gemini server. I assume i need to buy a domain name?

Any gemini heroes please advise.

@mosttoast You only need a domain name if you want your capsule to appear at something like gemini:// or gemini:// (not necessarily .xyz). If you're happy (for the moment) to gain some experience, you could create your cookbook at a free #gemini hosting site such as Later you could move it to your own server. e.g. as shown beChris Were's video on setting up a server:
Then buy a domain and point it at the site.

@gmoretti thanks! I'll give it a test run on a free server first!

@mosttoast While it's not a true Gemini server, my #php program #HtmGem allows publishing Gemini files on the web.
The project is self-hosted and can be installed on a shared hosting.
So it's possible to serve the same files on both #Gemini and http.

The installation guide is in French but is just about copying files and configure url-rewriting.

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