Quick question for y'all: I'm facilitating a leftist reading club, our planning meet is next week's Friday and I have no idea what I am doing or how to approach this

Does anyone have any advices or knows any resources for planning organising and running a theory club? Any help would be much appreciated!


@kivihminen hey! I haven't run a book club, but I've organized all sort of events. I think there are some pretty good lists out there of 'best books on theory'/'must-reads' to get you started on a list. Also, you may start a book list of what you think is good/what you are interested in reading. lastly, ask the group what they're looking forward to and work with that. first meeting can be introductions, cookies, wishes and goals. good luck!

@mosttoast Thank you so much! I'll see if I can find any of these reading lists. Regarding topics, I thought we could all say what we are most interested in during the planning meet, then assign one or two people to do some research into these topics and come up with a reading list. We'll definitely discuss our wishes and goals too. Thank you again!

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