@junebug and for budget, I use libreoffice calc. it's easy to find budget templates online.

this is all digital though.

for my weekly to-do and calendar, my most trusted and reliable method is a week by week planner with space for to-do's and weekly planning. i use a blank sheet of recycled paper for my list and recycle it when I've done everything for the week.

@junebug honestly, whatever you use works. i suggest something simple to start, and see if you need more from there.

android suggestions:
-loop habit tracker
-scarlet notes (for to-do list)

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🎉 Well played, Fediverse, well played! 🎉

I should probably involve you more in my everyday life's decisions 😄

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When the Pegasus Project dropped last week, it was both an ordinary and exceptional moment. The report - from Amnesty, Citizenlab, Forbidden Stories, and 80 journalists in 10 countries - documented 50,000 uses of the NSO Group's Pegasus malware.


The 50,000 targets of NSO's cyberweapon include politicians, activists and journalists. The Israeli arms-dealer - controlled by Novalpina Capital and Francisco Partners - has gone in to full spin mode.


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Meanwhile, if you want a look at education "reform" that *works*, check out Andrea Gabor's 2018 "After the Education Wars," and learn how eliminating hierarchy, funding the arts, offering good wages and good training to teachers transform schools.



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Hey, I'm currently super poor and can't even afford food or drink.

If you got money to spare for an income- and homeless hacker creating leftist software, services and propaganda, that'd be extremely appreciated.

I can currently receive donations over two channels.

1) EU bank account for one-time donations without any middlemen:

IBAN: DE10100110012627826246

2) Patreon for recurring donations:

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Hey y'all, my partner @ducki could really use some help.

His parents are taking everything out of his savings account to pay their rent next month, which took him like 2 years to put away....

If anyone could offer them some aid that'd be so kind, and we'de both be so fuckin' grateful...


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I'm just gonna preemptively say i need donations

My fucking radiator or one of the main coolant pipes burst.

I have to get this fixed asap. I have to go to work tomorrow.


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Labor: Frito-Lay workers approve contract 

#labor: Workers at the Topeka KS Frito-Lay plant approve contract and will return to work Monday. The contract guarantees a 4% pay raise and at least 1 day off per week. I'm not sure I'd score this a union victory. huffpost.com/entry/frito-lay-w

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Back around 1993, I wrote a TTRPG called "SLUGS" - the Satanic, Loathsome, Unwholesome Game System. Only 200 were ever made. About 20 pages, copied & stapled.

Today, folks pointed me at a FB discussion about that game. It has fans.

Put your weird out there. People will love it.

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Just some screenshots of Tubefeeder a Youtube client running on the #Pinephone

I call it "client" but it's really more of a feed reader specialized on Youtube and opening videos in mpv so it allows you to watch videos from people you follow but nothing else. I wish it had better desktop support because it's exactly how I want to watch Youtube! :D

Big thanks to Schmiddiii (Github) for the amazing work!
#Gnome #Pine64 #LinuxPhone #Librem5

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Hey everyone, I really REALLY appreciate all the help we've gotten so far with our storage container
I have basically a month now to come up with the rest of the money, which is currently $1265
I'm still trying to get a job, and to get commissions, but even if i got one Right Now i still wouldnt be able to afford to pay for this

If i dont pay for this, I lose Everything we couldn't bring with us during our emergency move to TN, which includes our bed and several sentimental items

I'm sorry to have to ask for so much from fedi but i dont have another choice, please help if you can

Commission info in top post

Paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk
Venmo: SCoyote

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@Trent if it's got lots of sugar, and it's bubbly, it's soda; those are my criteria. you can sometimes find ginger seltzer which is a really good replacement.

@CyclopsCaveman also, you won't shit yourself running* which is a great bonus.


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