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All my favorite youtubers are trans, and other success stories of 2021

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Confidently explaining what shorting a stock means to my friends and family as though I didn’t just have it explained to me by reddit user ButtHoleBlast42069 in a thread titled “BOUT TO NUTT ALL OVER THESE STOCKS BOYOS 🚀🚀🚀”

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*slaps roof of a vagina* this bad boy can fit so many contraceptives in it

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clothing consumption practices 

I have a hard time taking all the niche "environmental" clothing trends seriously.

Besides them just being specialized consumption patterns, I think it's missing a key focus in how we deal with areas of intense exploitation and capitalist waste. These consumption patterns focus on the individual, crafting a sense of self-righteousness. Whereas, we should be focusing on issues like, clothing everyone, donating clothing to mutual aid efforts, targeting businesses that engage in exploitative clothing practices, and so on.

Too many people fall into these ascetic consumption models that only give them bragging rewards, devoid of any sustainable constructions of dual power. Models that reify them right back into capitalism (mentally and physically).

This approach shouldn't give people car blanche to buy whatever they want from whoever they want regardless of consequence or complicity. Please don't buy luxury clothes, throw away perfectly good clothing, or dismiss exploitative practices of your favorite shop. Etc.

Change should not look like religious asceticism.

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my religion & ethnicity, not my sexism & misogyny 

It’s kind of like if Zoroaster said, listen you’re grown up enough to be responsible for what you do and you’ll mostly reap what you sow, so you know, make the right choice and be nice.

The other thing he said is “humakta, hukta, havarshta” in the ancient Persian language called Avestan.

That translates to “good thoughts, good words, good deeds.”

And it’s self-explanatory for the most part. But the deeper meaning to it IMO is the real gem.

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Do you consume oat drink, soy yoghurt, or other #vegan dairy alternatives?
EU parliament is attempting to ban any terms, marketing, or even appearance of vegan products that are associated to milk or dairy. This includes the terms "yoghurt" style, similar packaging in cartons or yoghurt cups, or even the comparison with milk's climate impact.

While this dairy-lobby-driven amendment is already through parliament, there's a petition to stop it in council.

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A group of friends and I have been trying to help this woman in New Orleans keep her home. If you can spare any $ I would super appreciate it. The only thing we have is each other. #mutualaid

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Less than $2000 left! I'd also love for us to breach the goal, and shoot past it, because she's still not going to make enough money every month. I know we can do it!

TL;DR: Disabled Native American has less than 30 days to pay back US Govt Disability for having earned “too much money” to collect disability (but not enough to live on).

$4 and a share on your socials will save her life.

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domestic violence, mutual aid for Black Queer woman in need of housing 

help a homeless queer, black woman 👇🏿 (more details here if needed)
venmo @zeekam

@mutualaid @OCRbot

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The team that maintains the site is renovating our digital infrastructure for 2021. Unfortunately, this means rebuilding the monthly sustainer program from scratch.

If you are able, please consider signing up to help us cover our costs, or just make a one-time donation. This money will go directly towards keeping our site online and our publications in print.
We are a 25-year-running all-volunteer project with no outside sources of funding. We offer everything we do for free or at break-even prices. We don't seek personal credit for our work. We rarely ask for help, but there are a few things that we can't do with dedication alone.

Thank you!

As usual, of course, the most effective way to support what we are trying to do is to do it yourself.

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I want to make sure this is clear to all. is open to having people join our instance. The creator and admin of our instance is me, Ikora. I'm a black femme, but you don't have to be to join us. We are creating a community space based on restorative justice principles. So, yes, everyone is welcome! But, it's in context, right? Unearned advantages will be addressed and acknowledged. We won't be gaslighting each other. Listen to experience, etc. Join me if you want to help. <3

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The #valaveturners are a great example of people using their privilege to further a movement. Below is an Nytimes audio profile in them. In one morning they cut off 70% of the oil coming from Canada to the US and faced decades in prison for their action

The action was inspired by one that some folks in Quebec did the previous year. I was lucky enough to be there to film.

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Hey yall, I really need help and am not sure what to do anymore

My wisdom teeth are very super impacted and they hurt and keep getting worse. And I also have cavities that I really need fixed. But unfortunately i live in the US I can’t afford $4000 for these essential procedures on my own

More info in my gofundme link below but if y’all could donate\boost\help in any way it’d mean a lot to me

Venmo & Cashapp: Leelumz
DM for PayPal

@BalooUriza hey fellow. I'm thinking of joining the national map corps (tnmc). Do you have any experience with that? It seems like a positive project to work on, but i wonder if osm is just the same but better.

Hope you're well.

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